Friday, July 30, 2010

Twealveans Unmasked

We definitely rocked our school on the night of 17 July 2010 when we stormed the stage with a mash-up produced by us though the songs were It Ends Tonight and Move Along by the great All-American Rejects! The atmosphere was fanatical as we were all hyped up. Through our hard work for a month it finally paid off when we grabbed first place. The mood was a glorious set as me and my band mates screamed and shout. This is only just the beginning for Nova to rise in the music industry as we were asked to auditions for bigger events. Last but not least we would like to thank Mun, our manager for chauffeuring us here and there. Without him we could barely move. :p Rock on HARD!
Our main influence derived from bands such as:
Avenged Sevenfold
Iron Maiden
Bullet For My Valentine
Blink 182
And to great individuals such as:
Cobus Potgieter
Synyster Gates
The Rev
Travis Barker
Herman Lee
Overall, we enjoyed ourselves to the limits and pushed onwards to a mamak stall. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, I just got my computer back and installed a new graphic card. Any matches please inform us, we are more than willing to take up the challenge. Time to train hard.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Music Industry

Aside from our rigorous gaming, Nova has also entered the music business and will also participate in any local Battle Of The Bands soon. The band members consist of non-gamers and the original Nova members as listed below :

Nova Administrator - Mun
Nova Lead Singer - Oliver
Nova Lead Guitarist - Jack
Nova Guitarist - JS
Nova Guitarist - HR
Nova Pianist - Ken
Nova Drummer - Dan

I'll be back gaming soon, with a newer team and better gaming. Semper Fi.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The majority of the clan is leaving for Steam. Of course we do sometimes come back to Garena for a little fun. Soon we'll be training and playing at steam full time after our studies. We decided to leave for Steam due to Garena's sudden outburst of hackers and I don't know what. We have tried to tolerate as long as we could but sometimes people just love to push our luck. Anyway hoping to see a few familiar people along the way. Nova will not be class as inactive, we are just disappearing from Garena.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chinese New Year was some what average. Not much celebration besides just eating dinner at fanciful places. Sorry for not wishing earlier but it's better late than never. So, Happy Chinese New Year to all and those who read this blog. Dearly hope that we will be granted the prosperity of clan matches and many more luck to those looking for it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trashed & Owned

Awesome match against team LALAMUI. Thanks to Peter, Josh, Marky, Chubby and Pz. Though I did not really know the identity of the last 3 guys, I did know they are from PWYH clan. One of the proest team in Malaysia and they did pawned us up real good. A good experience learning from real pros. Had to admit we were shaky before the match started, our concentration dropped to the extent we were so blur which bombsite to go. This match has definitely given us the confidence to try harder and to stay calm under pressure. Thanks once again for giving us a chance to play against one of the best in Malaysia. :) And good luck to Josh on his studies in UK.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Back to athletics training. Real tiring due to slacking for 2 months. Thighs are really killing it so are the cramps too. 3 months to work myself up to fitness again and then maybe I'll post a picture of some sort. Anyway MSSD here I come. Last year should be my greatest performance. Hoping that we'll break records. :) Will be off the computer for quite some time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back To School

After enjoying 2 months of holiday, school is back. Thanks to [TfC] clan for matching with us during the last hours of the holidays and it was a great time playing against you guys. So, Nova is expected to play less now in Garena due to exams and studies. Will be back in December so keep on rocking without us. Hope by the time we return others clan might want to have a clan match with us.
The Novian Dog has been updated with a couple of new songs, Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore and Meet Me Halfway by one of my fav artists Black Eyed Peas. Didn't really liked Sexy Chicks by Akon and David Guetta so sorry to Akon fans. Just loaded it with a few All American Rejects song. Personally loved it. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Novian Elites

Nova will be participating in official Counter Strike matches and therefore a team of LAN players and a team of Online players will be classified as below.

Alpha Squad ( LAN ) :
`~Nova[LG] .:Seppy:.
`~Nova[LG] .:ciBo:.
`~Nova[LG] .:IlluminaTi:.
`~Nova[LG] .:

Bravo Squad ( Online ) :
`~Nova[LG] .:Seppy:.
`~Nova[LG] .:IlluminaTi:.
`~Nova[LG] .:WSN / A|C-47:.
`~Nova[LG] .:Rinoz:.

If anybody from any clan or a public player wants to have a clan match or mix match just contact actcute. He'll settle the map, details and whatever needs to be done.

Friday, December 11, 2009


For the latest updates on clan matches please refer to the older post section of the title labeled Battle Reports. A nice game in the afternoon. Thanks guys.

Latest price for Steel Series mice, keyboard and headset. The retail outfit is at SS15. I chose this retail's price due to the suitable location.

Mice :
** NEW ** SteelSeries Xai Laser Gaming Mouse : RM 359 - Ready Stocks
SteelSeries Ikari Optical Gaming Mouse : RM 199 - Ready Stocks 

Mouse Pad : 
** NEW ** SteelSeries 9HD Hard-Surfaced Gaming Mousepad : RM 199 - Ready Stocks

Keyboard :
SteelSeries 7G GAMING KEYBOARD : RM 550

Headset : 
SteelSeries 5Hv2 : RM 345 - Ready Stocks
SteelSeries 5Hv2 USB : RM 405 - Ready Stocks

Stocks are brand new with casing. Will update on price change. And by the way, JoJo's latest song keep forgetting rocks! You may listen to it at my dog. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nova Command

Clan Emperor : `~Nova[LG] .:Septimus:.
Description : The clan lord of Nova. His second-in-command is Actcute.

Clan Praetor : `~Nova[LG]
Description : Considered a top notch player and the highest ranking organiser in Nova. He is appointed as commander-in-chief in all war tactics. Main weaponry on the field is the AWP. A deadly thunder bolt that has been granted to a person who fully utilizes the weapon. He is versatile in any weaponry and situation capable of bringing down the opponent under any circumstances.

Clan Adjudicator : `~Nova[LG] .:A|C -47:.
Description : A highly skillfull member and an organiser that is in charge of internal affairs in Nova. Skills and specialities are of great precision. A planned member who pursues the main bulk of the opponent and bringing them down before reinforcements arrive. The only Praetorian to enter the ranks of the Nova Command.

Clan Magistrate : `~Nova[LG] .:ciBo:.
Description : An examiner of Nova. Definitely a friendly player no doubt. Provides supporting fire to any member be it AWP or rifle expertise.

Clan Executor : `~Nova[LG] .:IlluminaTi:.
Description : The ranking captain of  Nova. He is a recon member that scouts up ahead and takes out primary subjects with a few hits of his own. A headstrong player and has a great aim with any rifle.


We have an upcoming match against [wZ] clan. They experienced a newer revolution during their time as ReV and now come back in force. So please note that all the members of [wZ] are still the same members of ReV except for those few that have joined in the later period of ReV. Another clan would be -[TfC] would are now famed for their first clan match victory against Cq. So everyone should pay heed to who their coming up against with. The match against -[TfC] would be next week and they are also on standby to recieve word from Brayant whne we might want it. Last but not least, the friendly against shencez. Yea, we've been all wanting challenge him so here's the time. And remember it's even harder because he's going to be on LAN too. Lag has no boundaries for us here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Peace and Tranquility

I have decided to remove the previous post due to our peace with ReV clan and upon the compliance of their clan lord. We have come to a certain understanding and all prior rudeness or whatsoever is cleared. I have asked for a clan match, not a rematch because their clan lord has asked for a make over between Nova and ReV and with all due respect I have asked for a clan match as a sign of peace treaty. And besides I think it was not fair for them during the previous match that they were not ready and unfamiliar to the rules of engagement of a clan match. According to their latest update, their clan lord has managed to recruit a few pros and therefore he is confident in taking my challenge. Your knowledge of a clan match has now been adequate and my organizer will have no sorts of problems from ReV if we are to have a peaceful match. As I assured you Washinub has not been the one spamming your chatbox and please do not direct anything that is negative to Nova.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Return Of The Lord

The reign of power of Nova's hierarchy has been given back to me. Actcute has assumed control of Nova for the pass few weeks and has finally decided to strip himself of such power due to the burden of maintaining peace and order in the clan. And to Ace, I have already tested you out and so has Actcute. No hard feelings but we are now closed. You should be considered lucky we even decided to test you, there was nothing to be sad about. Train harder and maybe in the future we might accept. Your age at the moment is not very suitable and the majority of my members have come to a unanimous decision. Good luck in the future.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Temporary Change In Power

Due to my ongoing and busy life, I have decided without hesitation to transcend temporary shift of power and leadership of Nova to my trusted second-in-command Actcute. He will assume the role of steward and therefore all judgements and call will be made by him. The responsibility of the team and Nova now lies in his hands. All clan matches will now be dealt by him and so is the team chosen to play. Whatever matter please regard to him.